Top 10 Worst Demons to be Possessed by

Demonic possessions is a topic that is addressed by many religions and cultures all over the world. When people hear ‘possession’ most just think of Satan as the big evil, but many demons. No matter who the demon is, the act of demonic possession takes some time. Allegedly the demon spends months haunting and oppressing their victim, wearing them down physically, mentally, and spiritually so they can break their victim’s will to fight back and slip right in. Then the havoc begins.

#10 Aquiel (Presides over Sundays)


Aquiel is the demon that presides over Sundays. Being a demon of Christian mythology this demon tries everything to destroy and degrade keeping the sabbath holy.

#9 Pazuzu (brings disease, famine & drought)


In ancient Babylonian and Assyrian mythology, the beast Pazuzu was king of the wind demons and the bringer of storms, droughts, and famine. He’s also known to send various diseases and pestilence into homes. He was made famous in “The Exorcist”.

#8 Vapula (turns you against your loved ones)


Vapula is mentioned in Christianity as a duke of hell and a high commander of numerous legions of demons. He is crafty and well-versed in philosophy, so if it’s true that demons share their knowledge with human hosts, those possessed by Vapula may suddenly find themselves much more clever and crafty, but also distrustful and suspicious.  His favorite pastime is deception, so it’d be pretty easy for him to make his vessel paranoid about the motives of others.

#7 Lamashtu (steals and eats newborn babies)


Sumerian and Mesopotamian mythology tells of the demon Lamashtu. She is known for unleashing a wide variety of hellish torments. She torments women all throughout their pregnancies and steals babies so she can chew their bones and drink their blood.

#6 Asag (causes fever, headaches & pain)


Asag is a demon from Sumerian mythology with a strange sexual history with mountains. The sexual deviant somehow created demon rock babies by mating with the mountains, and these babies are now his personal army. He is said to be such a vile and hideous creature that his presence causes fish to be boiled alive in rivers. He causes great physical pain and sickness in his human victims, especially headaches and fevers.

#5 Aguares (teaches victims filthy words & thoughts)


Aguares is a demon of Christian demonology, said to rule the eastern region of Hell with 31 legions of demons under his command and the ability to cause earthquakes. Aguares speaks many languages, but he only focuses on teaching profanities to those whom he “teaches,” or takes possession of. Strangely enough, he is depicted as an elderly man riding a crocodile, of all things, with a hawk on his fist, though he sometimes appears to those he will seduce in the form of a beautiful young woman.

#4  Jikininki (wants to suffer the afterlife with you)


While some cultures believe demons are entities that were never human, some feel those who were evil in life will become demons in the afterlife. A type of demon from Japanese Buddhist mythology known as a Jikininki comes from the spirits of those who were greedy, selfish, and ungodly people in life. They are cursed to spend eternity in self-loathing, feeding on the flesh of human corpses.

#3 Aka Manah (convinces victim to give into temptation)

aka manah.jpg

Zoroastrian mythology speaks of Aka Manah. He is the demon of evil intention. His purpose is to corrupt the mind and destroy all morals. He is said to prevent people from doing any good in the world, causing them to sit back and watch evil prevail. Whether it’s displaying an indifference to daily responsibilities or blatantly ignoring large-scale moral obligations, Aka Manah plants seeds of evil in human minds, including lust, sloth, and deceit.

#2 Andras (drives victims to kill)


Andras is said to be an incredibly violent demon and commander of 30 legions. Sometimes he takes the body an angel with the head of an owl and rides on the back of a black wolf. Once inside the mind of a human, he escalates problems, whispering thoughts of violence and various ways of killing people into his victim’s head. His mission is to create discord and slaughter those who cross him- hence his nickname, “Author of Discords.”

#1 Azazel (king of evil goat spirits)


Azazel is known as the father of possession, since he is the demon responsible for discovering and “perfecting” the act. In ancient Jewish tradition, two goats were brought to the tabernacle on the Day of Atonement. One goat was killed and sacrificed to Yahweh (God), and the other, the “scapegoat,” would be released alive into the wilderness carrying the people’s sins with it. Azazel was the king of the se’irim (ancient goat spirits somewhat like satyrs) and the recipient of the scapegoat. He was depicted as an important adversary to God long before Christianity introduced Satan into the mix. Many believe Azazel and Satan are actually the same demon.


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