Top 10 Freaky Google Map Images

It’s pretty incredible that with a simple online service, you can see just about anywhere in the world whenever you want. You can wander along the shores of just about any country to take in gorgeous white-sand beaches or even try your luck at getting a glimpse of the Himalayas. But sometimes, the technology can reveal some of Earth’s dark, creepy secrets. [source]

#10 The Alma College Building Fire

alma college

A girls school in Ontario, Canada (The Alma College) built in 1878 was destroyed by a fire in 2008. The buildings demise was captured by google satellite.

#9 Mountain Summit Black Spot

black spot

Kangtega is a major mountain peak of the Himalayas in Nepal with a summit of 6,782 meters. What that black spot at the peak of the mountain really is has caused a lot of debate. From what I could find it seems it is shown as that because of a dispute with China.

#8 Scottish Sculpture

scottish sculpture

In 1967 Jimmy Boyle was named “Scotlands most violent man” and given life in prison for the killing of Babs Rooney. While in the art therapy program he discovered a creative talent. He designed this 100 ft sculpture while in prison.

#7 Netherlands Trail of Blood

blood trail

This Google Maps image looks like something from a horror movie. This is the Beatrix Park dock in the Netherlands. What looks like a trail of blood is actually streaks from a wet dog. He went swimming then ran up and down the dock on dry wood creating the streaks.

#6 Patterns in the China Gobi Desert

gobi desert

Google Maps images have revealed an array of mysterious structures and patterns etched into the surface of China’s Gobi Desert. The grids of zigzagging white lines seen in two of the images — the strangest of the various desert structures — are spy satellite calibration targets. Satellite cameras focus on the grids

#5 Lips in the Desert


Google earth found this curious rock formation that resembles human lips. This formation can be found Gharb, Darfur, Sudan.

#4 Egyptian Face Formation

egyptian face

This geographical marvel appears to resemble an Egyptian face when seen from an aerial view. Located in the South-East corner of Alberta, Canada this formation is totally natural and is dubbed ‘The Badlands Guardian’.

#3 The Nazca Lines


The Nazca lines are located in Southern Peru. These are a series of ancient geoglyphs that can only be see from an aerial view. The largest figures are up to 370 m long and are believed have been created between 550 BC and 500 AC. Their purpose and how they were created remains a mystery.

#2 Lake turns Blood-Red 

blood lake

The lake is situated just outside of Sadr City, a suburb district of Baghdad in Iraq.  This Google Earth image went viral after the lake turned a spooky blood-red.  Some believe it is from blood being dumped in the lake, although an official explanation has not been announced it probably come from sewage, pollution or a water treatment process.

#1 Pentagram in Kazakhstan


This pentagram can be seen on the southern shore of Upper Tobol Reservoir in Kazakhstan. Although it may seem sinister, there has been an explanation. Apparently it is an outline of a park made to form a star. Stars were popular symbols during the soviet era and the roadways make the shape more visible.








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