Top 10 Leading Causes of Death in the USA

Every year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) records the number of deaths across the US — and the major diseases or other causes for death. Now in 2020 one would have to believe that coronavirus would be number 1, isn’t that the reason for all the lock downs, mask wearing and economic ruin. The CDC just released a statement saying that actually only 6% of corona deaths were solely from corona.

#10 Suicide and Intentional self-harm

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America’s suicide rate won’t stop rising. Suicide is the nation’s 10th-leading cause of death, with 14.2 deaths per 100,000 people, though that rate alone belies the scope of the problem. While thousands of people die by suicide each year, millions think about it. If you or someone you know may be struggling with suicidal thoughts, you can call the U.S. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK (8255) any time day or night, or chat online.

#9 Kidney Disease

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Kidney disease can cause other health problems, such as heart disease. If you have kidney disease, it increases your chances of having a stroke or heart attack. Major risk factors for kidney disease include diabetes, high blood pressure, and family history of kidney failure. Chronic kidney disease, or CKD, causes more deaths than breast cancer or prostate cancer. It is the under-recognized public health crisis.

#8 Flu and Pneumonia

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Influenza(flu) is a highly contagious viral infection that is one of the most severe illnesses of the winter season. Influenza is spread easily from person to person, usually when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Pneumonia is a serious infection or inflammation of the lungs. Influenza is a common cause of pneumonia, especially among younger children, the elderly, pregnant women, or those with certain chronic health conditions. Influenza has been the 8th leading cause of death for many years.

#7 Diabetes

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Diabetes may be underreported as a cause of death. Studies have found that only about 35% to 40% of people with diabetes who died had diabetes listed anywhere on the death certificate and about 10% to 15% had it listed as the underlying cause of death. Maintaining a healthy weight, eating a balanced diet, and getting regular physical activity are all ways that people with diabetes can help protect their heart and their brain as they age. There is an obesity epidemic in the USA that needs to be reduced.

#6 Alzheimer’s Disease

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Alzheimer’s disease is ultimately a fatal form of dementia. It is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. The number of Alzheimer’s deaths has increased, in part, because of a growing population of older adults. Out of the top ten causes of death, it’s the only one without an effective treatment or cure. Alzheimer’s is associated with genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors that affect the brain cells over time.

#5 Stroke

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Stroke is the fifth leading cause of death for Americans, but the risk of having a stroke varies with race and ethnicity. Risk of having a first stroke is nearly twice as high for blacks as for whites, and blacks have the highest rate of death due to stroke. About 87% of all strokes are ischemic strokes, in which blood flow to the brain is blocked.

#4 Lung Disease

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Lung disease is the third leading killer in the United States, responsible for one in seven deaths, and is the leading cause of death among infants under the age of one. Smoking, infections, and genes cause most lung diseases.

#3 Accidents and Unintentional Injuries

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Preventable deaths have now reached their highest number in recorded U.S. history. Of the three leading causes, preventable injuries was the only category to experience an increase, largely driven by the opioid crisis. An American is killed accidentally every three minutes, by a drug overdose, a motor vehicle crash, a fall, a drowning, a choking incident or another preventable occurrence.

#2 Cancer

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Cancer death rates dropped 26% over 20 years but cancer is still the second leading cause of death in the USA. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death, accounting for 24% of all cancer deaths. In the past 5 years, trends shifted for some cancers. Death rates leveled off for cancers of the liver (which were increasing) and prostate (which were decreasing) and increased for cancers of the oral cavity and pharynx and cancers of the brain and other nervous system (which were stable).

#1 Heart Disease

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Heart disease describes a range of conditions that affect your heart. Diseases under the heart disease umbrella include blood vessel diseases, such as coronary artery disease; heart rhythm problems (arrhythmias); and heart defects you’re born with (congenital heart defects), among others. The term “heart disease” is often used interchangeably with the term “cardiovascular disease.”

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