Top 10 Companies that had Different Names

A brand name can make or break a company! Sometimes a really good company can not gain traction because of a name that just does not work. Here are some famous companies that used to have a different name.

#10 DrivUrSelf – Hertz

Image result for hertz

#9 Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation –  IBM

Image result for IBM

#8 Marafuku Company – Nintendo Playing Card Company – Nintendo

Image result for nintendo

#7 Pete’s Super Submarines –  SUBWAY

Image result for subway

#6 Blue Ribbon Sports – Nike

Image result for nike

#5 AuctionWeb – Ebay

Image result for ebay

#4 Research in Motion – BlackBerry

Image result for blackberry logo

#3 Brad’s Drink – Pepsi

Image result for pepsi

#2 Starbucks Coffee, Tea and Spice – Il Giornale Coffee Company – Starbucks

Image result for starbucks

#1 BackRub – Google

Image result for google



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