Top 10 Amazing UFO Tattoo Designs

According to one of the smartest men alive (Steven Hawking), aliens almost certainly exist. The thought of extraterrestrial life is a fascinating prospect that’s always near the top of every individuals list of questions they want answered. From movies to merchandise, the gripping intrigue associated with all things extraterrestrial has made a lot of people a lot of money. Including tattoo artists. Here is a list of the Top 10 UFO Tattoo Designs.

#10 The surrealism scene

Surreal UFO Tattoo by Little Andy

Here we have a large circular UFO tattoo done in Andrew Marsh’s signature surrealism style.

#9 I want to believe

UFO Tattoo Design by Herzdame Tätowierungen

“I want to believe.” One of the more popular slogans commonly inked with UFO tattoos.

#8 Campsite abduction

UFO Abduction Tattoo by Nhat

This tattoo has the outline of a gas can with a campsite abduction scene.

#7 Futuristic sci-fi design

Futuristic UFO Tattoo Design by Nori Lockhart

This dot-form design is a sci-fi robot type alien scene.

#6 Geometric shaped abduction scene

Gorgeous Geometric UFO Tattoo by David Cote

This geometric shaped tattoo features a color alien abduction scene with ‘lost in a forest’ tattooed above.

#5 The twin peaks

UFO Tattoo Design by Yuri

This sprawling thigh piece has a little bit of everything. Geometric mountains give way to a dotwork sky while a cow gets beamed up by the alien craft.

#4 The 3D glyph

Awesome UFO Tattoo by Jason Charlebois

A 3D diamond shape featuring a UFO that protrudes through the outline shape with subtle shades of color.

#3′ I want to believe’ with color

UFO Tattoo by Jay Cunliffe

Again ‘I want to believe’ is a common UFO slogan, but this one has some subtle color and beautiful script.

#2 The tri UFO scene

UFO Tattoo Design by Matt Craven Evans

This design features three UFO’s with haunting peaks and great use of color.

#1 Cabin in the woods

UFO Tattoo Design by Tom Rendall

This one is my favorite and the reason is the use of light and shadow. The artist managed to capture a very haunting cabin in the wood scene with an impressive display of light.









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