Top 10 ‘How Things Work’ GIFs

Ever wonder how some of the simple things in life work. So many times we just take things for advantage and don’t take the time to think about how they work. Here are 10 things and how they work in GIF form that I feel are really interesting.

#10 How a Lock and Key Works


#9 How a Zipper Works


#8 How a Vine finds Support


#7 How Popcorn Pops


#6 How a Dog Drinks


#5 What Happens when we Swallow

What happens when we swallow

#4 How a Cheetah uses its Tail for Stability

how a cheetah runs and uses its tail

#3 How Braces Work over Time

How braces work (timelapse)

#2 How a Gladiator Spider Hunts

How the gladiator hunts

#1 How a Face Develops in the womb

how the face develops in the womb

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