Top 10 Creative Baby Shower Cakes

A bay shower is always a joyous occasion and celebration. Some people however take the meaning just a little too far, although you have to admire the craftmanship behind the cake some are rather unappetizing.

#10 C-Section

baby shower10

A doll darts out from a cakey tummy in this bake that seems to be inspired by the chest burster in Alien.

#9 Medical Diagram

baby shower9

Just in case the expectant mom was wondering what else was going on in her body, this cake has the answers

#8 Belly Reminder

baby shower8

This cake serves as a reminder that the mom’s belly is little more than a trampoline for her unborn child.

#7 Reproductive System

baby shower7

In case expecting mom and guests were not aware of what the reproductive system and process looks like.

#6 Twins

baby shower6

This cake for those expecting twins shows two sleeping fetuses.

#5 Score

baby shower3

Maybe this one should have been at the bachelor party, as this focuses on the Dads vital part in this endevour.

#4 Fertilizing the Egg

baby shower1

Cupcakes are used to represent the sperm that missed out on fertilising an egg

#3 Cut the baby

baby shower5

These guests have no problem cutting and eating this baby.

#2 Science Experiment

baby shower2

This cake comes served on a metal platter… like a science experiment.

#1 Push

baby shower4

She seems to be really having fun while pushing on this cake.



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