Top 10 Celebrity Chefs

Chefs are recognized and awarded all over the world for their great work in the kitchen. This is not a list of the best chefs in the world but rather the top celebrity chefs. Even if you are not a ‘foodie” and don’t watch the cooking shows you will probably recognize the names of these chefs. These chefs don’t just have their own restaurants and are expert cooks but also have either their own shows or appear in cooking shows and magazines. There are a lot of great celebrity chefs around the world so it was difficult coming up with only 10 but I hope you enjoy!


#10 Nigella Lawson


Who doesn’t love beautiful British chef Nigella Lawson and her wonderful pastries. Nigella has written eight cookbooks, hosted her own cooking shows on British TV as well as on Foodnetwork in the USA and been guest judge on shows such as Masterchef Australia.

#9 Manu Feidel


Manu Feidel is a celebrity chef born in France but now living in Australia. Feidel is most know for his participation in the shows Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules, other will remember him for winning Dancing with Stars in 2011.

#8 Mario Batali 


Mario Batali is an American chef who is an expert in the history and culture of Italian Cuisine. His signature clothing style is a fleece vest, shorts and orange crocs. Batali has written and co-written 13 books, he owns or operates over 20 restaurants and has hosted numerous of his own television shows. Batali has been awarded numerous awards as well as one Michelin star.

#7 Anthony Bourdain


Anthony Bourdain is an American chef but an expert in French cuisine. He is known for his biting wit and unadulterated honesty with anything food or chef related. Bourdain has written cook books, has hosted and been guest judge on numerous food show but he is probably best known for his shows on ‘The Travel Channel’ where he travels the globe sampling a range of international “delicacies”.

#6 Emeril Lagasse


Emeril Lagasse is a celebrity chef megastar, he has a self-titled kingdom, which consists of multiple restaurants, cookbooks, TV shows, packaged goods and a charitable foundation. He is a regional James Beard Award winner, known for his mastery of Creole and Cajun cuisine and his self-developed “New New Orleans” style.

#5 Wolfgang Puck


“Live, Love, Eat!” is the trademarked battle cry of the passionate and renowned Wolfgang Puck, who has achieved celebrity status as chef to the stars.  Puck’s vast empire consists of numerous restaurants and cookbooks, a line of cookware and packaged goods, and a hopping catering business — which serves as the official caterer of the Academy Awards Governor’s Ball. Puck was one of the first chefs to use a combination of French cooking techniques with locally-grown ingredients and was credited with helping put California cuisine on the map.

#4  Jamie Oliver

jamie oliver

Jamie Oliver is a British celebrity chef, know for his typically English cuisine. He is also know as “The Naked Chef” after his television show and book of this name. Jamie Oliver has hosted numerous shows on television since 1999 and written over 20 cook books.

#3 Tom Colicchio


Tom Colicchio is an American chef probably best known for being one of the head judges on the television  show “Top Chef”. Colicchio has founded over 20 restaurants and is the recipient of five James Beard Foundation awards for his cooking achievements.

#2 Marco Pierre White


Marco Pierre White is a British chef and was dubbed the first celebrity chef. White was the youngest chef ever to be awarded three Michelin stars. He has trained many notable chefs. White has presented and been head chef on television programs on British TV as well as being guest judge on Master Chef all over the world.

#1 Gordon Ramsay


Gordon Ramsey is a British celebrity chef born in Scotland. His restaurants around the world have been awarded 16 Michelin stars in total. As a television personality Ramsay is known for his fiery temper and language. He has been ranked as the 21st highest earning celebrity in the world. Ramsay has appeared in over 20 television programs, owns 50 restaurants world wide and has written 22 cook books. He is the most well know celebrity chef in the world.

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