Top 10 Netflix Original Series

Netflix is an entertainment company founded in 1997. Netflix initial model included DVD sales and rental. In 2007 Netflix expanded with the introduction of streaming media. Netflix operates in 190 countries. Netflix debuted it’s first original series “House of Cards” in 2013 and from then on greatly expanded on their “Netflix Original” film and TV series. This is a Top 10 list of the best original Netflix series so far. Some may disagree with the order of the list as we all have varied tastes as to what we like to see in a TV series.

Note: This list was put together before “Ozark” was released. Just wanted to mention “Ozark” is a fantastic series and should be in the top 3 of this list!

#10 The Ranch


The Ranch is an original laugh track sitcom by Netflix starring Ashton Kutcher and Sam Elliott. The series is about a son who returns home to his family ranch in Colorado after his football career ends in failure. The show premiered April 2016 and Netflix has renewed the series for a second season. The Ranch was met with mixed and average reviews.

#9 Travelers


Travelers is a sci-fi series starring Eric McCormick. It is a drama about people from hundreds of years in the future who consciences are sent back to the present day to take the place of others who are already about to die. The reason I put this series only at #10 is because although I love the concept of the series and thought the acting was good I found the dialog to be rather simple and immature. This series has great potential and I hope to see some more intelligent dialog in place in the future.

#8 The Crown

the crown

The Crown is a biographical TV series about the reign of Queen Elizabeth ll of the United Kingdom. The first season was released on Netflix in November 2016. The series has a great cast, such as Claire Foy and John Lithgow who both were awarded Screen Actors Guild Awards for their performances in The Crown. This series had the highest budget of any TV series. Overall a good series but may suit those more interested in this time in history and the history of the United Kingdom. If I had to choose a British series “Downtown Abby” would be my first choice.

#7 Orange is the New Black


Orange is the New Black is an original comedy-drama about a woman’s experiences in a minimum-security Federal prison. The series premiered July 2013 with the fifth season to be released June 2017. This is Netflix most watched original series. The series came out with mixed reviews when it first premiered and the reason for this is probably because of it being a comedy, you either get the humor or not, very few people “sit of the fence” about this series they either love it or hate it.

#6 Bloodline


Bloodline is a thriller-drama that premiered March 2015. It has been announced that the third season will be released in 2017 but the show will be cancelled after the third season. Bloodline explores the demons lurking behind The Rayburns, a tight knit family living in the Florida Keys. This series is cleverly constructed and weaves a good tale but most agree that season 1 was great and unfortunately season 2 did not live up to the same standard.

#5 BoJack Horseman


Bojack Horseman is an adult animated comedy-drama series. The series first aired August 2014, the series has been renewed for a fourth season to premiere Summer of 2017. The writing is sharp, the jokes are layered, and the situations are hilarious, but there’s a melancholy undercurrent to the series. Despite being a horse, Bojack is also one of the most human characters on television. The series is a one of Netflix most underrated series but seems to have been gaining popularity.

#4 Hemlock Grove


Hemlock Grove is an original Netflix horror series. The show premiered April 2013, the third and final season premiered Oct. 2015. The series examines the strange happenings in Hemlock Grove, a fictional town in Pennsylvania. The first season was brilliance, an intelligent horror TV series, unfortunately the series seemed to loose the intensity after that and viewers started to loose interest. A great pity as it was a great original series.

#3 The OA

the oa

The OA is a supernatural mystery-drama that premiered December 2016. Netflix has renewed the series for a second series. The OA was created and the lead acted by Brit Marling. The series is about a young woman who disappears for seven years when she returns she calls herself The OA. This is an ambitious and imaginative series, it received very mixed reviews. I found it an extremely interesting series, well acted and well conceptualized with intelligent dialog.

#2 Stranger Things

stranger things

Stranger Things is an original sci fi-thriller series that premiered July 2016 and was renewed for a second series to air on Oct. 2017. The first season focuses on the investigation into the disappearance of a young boy by his friends, his brother and traumatized mother. This series got rave review, won awards and some have called it the best Netflix series so far. Set in the ’80’s the series is a spooky but not scary genre throwback. The acting is incredible, a welcome back to Wioona Rider who seems to be made for her part and the child actors all put on a stellar performance. Well done Netflix!

#1 House of Cards


House of Cards is a political drama and was the first original series on Netflix streaming that first premiered Feb. 2013. Netflix announced a fifth season to air May 30th 2017. The series stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright in the lead roles, both have won best actor, actress awards for these roles. The series follows a ruthless congressman and his equally ambitious wife who navigate the halls of power in Washington D.C. This series unfortunately has been running on fumes since the last season, they seem to have run out of a good plot line. Hopefully the fifth season can pick things up!

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