Our Top 10 Lists (3rd Year Anniversary)

This is a little bit late, since our third anniversary was actually in late November, but here are our top 10 lists with the most views.  The list stabilized somewhat this year, but several lists have begun to take over from the top tier of lists that has existed for years.

#10. Top 10 Most Popular Soda Brands

“Soda Brands” makes its third list, but it’s now clinging onto its spot in the top 10.  Two years again, it was 4th, last year it was 6th, and now it’s slipped four more spots.  It’s views have continued to drop steadily.  Several Halloween lists are closing in, and since they always spike during October, this could easily be the last year on here for “Soda Brands”.


#9. Top 10 Animals That Mate for Life

After consistently remaining in the most viewed lists week after week, “Animals That Mate for Life” has now climbed into the top 10.  Published for Valentine’s Day in 2013, took a few months before spiking in popularity, spiking earlier this year.  It’s views have now dropped somewhat, but it continued to be popular.


#8. Top 10 Songs Based on Historical Events

This list was published in early 2013, and just managed to sneak into 10th place on last year’s list.  This year, it continued to grow in popularity, and climbed another two spots.  Spring was it’s most popular time of the year, but it remains popular today.


#7. Top 10 Images Hidden on a Dollar Bill

The newest list on here, published in November 2013, “Dollar Bill” is a list I never imagined becoming popular, but it was actually one of most viewed lists in the last year, and surged into the top 10, all the way up to 7th.  With its views only increasing, it’s not going away any time soon either.


#6. Top 10 Animated Movies for Halloween

Halloween lists tend to receive few views for most of the year, and then spike dramatically in October.  However, “Animated Movies” experienced a much smaller spike this year than it did in 2013.  As a result, it’s dropped three spots from it’s high of 3rd last year.


#5. Top 10 Satanic Symbols Hidden in Logos

Maybe it’s all the conspiracy theorists, but “Satanic Symbols” became extremely popular almost as soon as we posted it.  It was only posted in October of last year, but it has already become our 5th most viewed list ever.  On top of that, it was our second most viewed list in the 12 months.


#4. Top 10 Countries Suffering the Most Casualties in World War II

Our most consistent list, “World War II” has retained its 4th spot from last year.  It never experiences spikes or drops in views, just consistently drawing the same number of viewers, despite the controversy over the numbers.


#3. Top 10 Magicians of All Time

“Magicians” has only continued to grow in popularity, as it was our most viewed list of the last 12 months, helping it climb two spots.  It’s only a few thousand spots away from 2nd, and just may be able to climb to the top in the next year.


#2. Top 10 Rugby Players of All Time

Our top two remain unchanged, with “Rugby Players” slowly closing the gap on “Suicide Rates” by gathering more views over the course of the year.  However, it remains a ways behind, and “Magicians” has a much more realistic shot of being the new number one.


#1. Top 10 Countries With the Highest Suicide Rates

The only list that has ever been our most viewed since we started posting our anniversary lists, “Suicide Rates” remains on top.  However, it’s views have gradually declined, and it was only the 4th most-viewed list of the last year, and 6th of the last month.  It still has a large lead over the others but it’s lead is slowly shrinking.

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