Top 10 Creepy Halloween Songs

It is that time of year again and Halloween is here. Halloween is a time for scary parties, horror movies and lets lets not forget creepy songs. These make a great collection for a Halloween party and can be also used as a music video collection as a lot of these songs have the creepy videos to go with the song.

#10 Somebody’s Watching Me – Rockwell

“Somebody’s Watching Me” is the debut single by American artist Rockwell.  The song was released in 1984 and featured Michael Jackson on chorus and Jermaine Jackson on backing vocal. The song has a creepy feel about it as the lyrics speak of the narrators paranoid fear of being watched and followed. The music video features a haunted house inspired theme.

#9 Psycho Killer – Talking Heads

“Psycho Killer” is a song written by David Byrne and performed by his band Talking Heads in 1975. The lyrics of this song seem to represent the thought of a serial killer. I could not find a decent video for this song so the lyrics will have to speak for themselves.

#8 Don’t Fear the Reaper – Blue Oyster Cult

“Don’t Fear the Reaper” was Blue Oyster Cult’s first hit and was released in 1976. Lead guitarist Buck Dharma wrote the song which deals with the inevitability of death and the belief that we should not fear it. When Dharma wrote it, he was thinking about what would happen if he died at a young age and if he would be reunited with loved ones in the afterlife. The music video is old and just a concert video but fun to watch none the less.

#7 This is Halloween – Marilyn Manson

“This is Halloween” is a song by composer Danny Elfman from the 1983 movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. The song was performed by the residents of a fictional town in the movie. Marilyn Manson covered this song in 2006 for the special edition release of the movie soundtrack and subsequently included on the 2008 cover album Nightmare revisited. Marilyn Manson does a great version of the song and the music video has some great excerpts from the movie.

#6 Red Right Hand – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

“Red Right Hand” was released in 1994 as a single from the album Let Love In by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.  Nick Cave has a haunting voice normally but this song really brings out the haunting, creepy tone. The song basically in a melodramatic way speaks of a nightmarish figure emerging on the edge of town. The music video is black and white and enhances the creepiness of this song.

#5 Runnin’ with the Devil – Van Halen

“Runnin with the Devil” is the first song on Van Halen’s first album in 1978. Although not a slow creepy song but a fast paced rock song. We also want to rock out on Halloween and this song starts with car horns blaring and goes into a full rock song and who doesn’t love to shout out “runnin with the devil” on Halloween. The music video is old and just a concert video but fun to watch the energy on stage.

#4 Highway to Hell – AC/DC

“Highway to Hell” was released by AC/DC in 1979. This is another example of a song to truly rock out to on Halloween. Highway to hell is refering to a dangerous highway in Australia where due to not slowing down a lot of people have been killed. AC/DC are the masters of great heavy rock music and this one does not disappoint. No good music video for this one either but a energetic concert video.

#3 Werewolves of London – Warren Zevon

“Werewolves in London” by Warren Zevon was released in 1978. We all like to have fun on Halloween and this is a fun dance song that gets everyone howling. The lyrics tell the story of “a hairy-handed gent who ran amok in Kent.” He’s well-dressed (“I’d like to meet his tailor”), well-groomed (“His hair was perfect”), and “preying on little old ladies.”  The video is part concert and part werewolf scenes, rather a funny looking werewolf but as mentioned it is a fun song.

#2 Every Breath You Take – The Police

“Every Breath you Take” is a song by The Police off of the 1983 album Synchronicity.  The song has got an extremely haunting, creepy sound to it. The song is about an obsessive stalker. Sting said this about the song – “I think it’s a nasty little song, really rather evil. It’s about jealousy and surveillance and ownership.” The music video is black and white.

#1 Thriller – Michael Jackson

“Thriller” by Michael Jackson was released in 1983. It is by far the best song for Halloween and the best music video for Halloween. The song centers around creatures of the night that terrify their victims. The music video is considered the most famous music video of all time, at least by the Library of Congress. The music video was more of a mini movie, running nearly 14 minutes and shows Jackson turning into a werewolf.

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