Our Top 10 Lists (2nd Year Anniversary)

We’ve had no internet access, so we couldn’t post this list on our 2nd anniversary (November 26th).  I’ve taken our stats from the day we started to that date, so that this is completely accurate.  Here are our 10 most popular lists (based on views) since we started our blog.  Only 4 lists were able to keep their place in the top 10.

#10. Top 10 Songs Based on Historical Events

   This list was posted January 9th this year, and slowly crept up, until it just barely earned a spot in the top 10, only a few days before out anniversary.  Its stats have grown steadily since it was posted, with November being its best month ever.

#9. Top 10 Most Useful Angry Birds Characters

   Posted back in August of last year, this list quickly surged but missed out on the list last year by only a handful of views.  This year, boosted by the popularity of the app, it has finally gained its place.  But after peaking in January, its views have steadily shrunk, and it likely won’t appear on the list next year.

#8. Top 10 Countries by Tourist Arrivals

   Posted way back in January of 2012, this list views shrunk slightly this year, as it was 6th on last year’s list.  Apart from a peak in April 2013, however the list has stayed more or less constant in terms of views.

#7. Top 10 Scariest Horror Movie Characters

   This is one of the lists that has obviously benefited heavily from Halloween, as its best two months ever are October 2012 and 2013.  It was only posted a month before our anniversary last year, but surged into the top 10 this October.

#6. Top 10 Most Popular Soda Brands

   Last year, “Soda Brands” was 4th, so it’s slipped 2 places in a year.  For some reason, its views increased up until early this year, and since then, the views have steadily decreased, causing its slip of 2 places.

#5. Top 10 Magicians of All Time

   This list is by far the newest on this list, only posted May of this year.  The fact that it’s even on this list is amazing, never mind the top 10.  I had no idea how popular magicians were, but this list’s views have exploded since it was posted.

#4. Top 10 Countries Suffering the Most Casualties in World War II

   Climbing one spot in the span of a year, this list has remained one of our blog’s most viewed lists every day.  It has also inspired controversy, as the numbers for each country vary depending on which source you use, and are impossible to be 100% accurate.

#3. Top 10 Animated Movies for Halloween

   Another one of last year’s Halloween lists, Top 10 Animated Movies for Halloween absolutely exploded this year, earning more views than any other in October (by a long ways), and shooting all the way up to 3rd.  I expected its views to fall off after Halloween, but they have remained high.

#2. Top 10 Rugby Players of All Time

   Posted only 5 days before our anniversary list last year, “Rugby Players” unexpectedly exploded, as it shot up to 2nd rather quickly, and now has a huge lead over 3rd place, and it’s closely in on the top list.  It is also another highly controversial list, as everyone has their own opinion on who the greatest rugby players are.

#1. Top 10 Countries with the Highest Suicide Rates 

    For the second straight year, Top 10 Countries with the Highest Suicide Rates is our most viewed lost.  I wouldn’t mind if another list replaced it, but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen any time soon, unless “Rugby Players”can catch it.  But you never know if another list will suddenly explode…

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