Top 10 Species Discovered in Suriname

Last month, a scientific team announced they had discovered 60 species new to science in a remote area of Suriname, located in northern South America.  In June of last year, another team announced they had discovered about 50 new species, also in Suriname.  I’ve compiled photographs of the 10 most amazing species discovered in Suriname, between the two finds.

#10. Small Catfish (Imparfinis aff. stictonotus)

#9. Crayola Katydid

#8. Armored Catfish

#7. Lilliputian Beetle

#6. Head-and-Taillight Tetra

#5. Water Beetle (Oocyclys sp.)

#4. Cowboy Frog

#3. Conehead Katydid

#2. Unnamed Troll-Like Insect

#1. Cocoa Frog