Top 10 Strangest Laws Around the World

There are many strange laws on the internet and many strange law lists but most tend to be fake or are so old that they are no longer implemented.  I have compiled a list of strange laws that are in place today from around the world.

#10 Germany – Pillow is a Passive Weapon

In Germany a pillow is classified as a ‘passive weapon’ and hitting someone with a pillow can lead to charges of assault.

#9 Switzerland – Noise Laws on Sunday

It seems that there are many things not allowed on a Sunday in Switzerland. I have read about laws such as no hanging out washing or no washing your car on a Sunday but was not able to confirm these.  There is however a strict noise law on a Sunday and if you decide to mow your lawn, a neighbor can call the police as you are disobeying the noise law.

#8 Barcelona – Bathing Suits for the Beach Only

If you are having a day at the beach in your bathing suit in Barcelona, make sure you don’t wander off the beach before covering up.  This Spanish city has a law against wearing swimming attire on public streets.  Those caught on a public street in beach attire will be fined.

#7 Greece – No Stiletto Heels

Authorities in Greece launched a campaign to ban female (or male) tourists from wearing stiletto heels at archaeological sites.  This law was put in place for the fear that by wearing stiletto heels at these sites the monuments are being damaged.

#6 Venice – Ban of Feeding Pigeons 

Anyone who has seen pictures or been to St. Marks Square in Venice knows that the pigeons and feeding them is a historic part of the square.  But in 2008 the city banned the feeding of pigeons in the city putting the vendors that sell bird seed out of business. Police patrol the area and fines are issued to anyone feeding the estimated 13,000 pigeons in St. marks Square.

#5 Russia – Fined for a Dirty Car

As part of the drive to improve the environment Moscow has introduced fines for drivers whose cars are dirty.  Police will pull over cars that are dirty, have obscured or damaged license plates or have technical faults and drivers will be fined.

#4 Singapore – Illegal to Chew Gum

Singapore is a city that is freakishly clean and neat.  They have some very strict laws to keep it this way.  A chewing gum ban was put in law in 2004.  The law was created because of people not disposing of gum properly and sticking it to chairs and tables.  Gum can be bought but you must have a prescription from a doctor.

#3 France – Must Have Breathalyzer in Car

In 2012 French law stated that drivers are being ordered to equip their cars with a breathalyzer kit.  The law was put in place in the hope that those drivers that have being drinking will test themselves before getting behind the wheel and thus curb the growing rate of drunk drivers.

#2 UAE – Illegal to Share Hotel Room

In the United Arab Emirates it is against Sharia law to share a hotel room (or live) with a member of the opposite sex unless you are married to them or a family member. Some hotel turn a blind eye to this law but if someone complains the police are obliged to investigate and take action if you are found to be breaking the law.

#1 California USA – Use Boy or Girls Restrooms

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a new law this week in California. Students confused about their “gender identity” will have the ability to use either boys or girls restrooms and either locker rooms.  The law will allow high school boys who say they identify as females to use girls locker rooms.  I guess there are going to be a lot of high school boys saying they are confused over their gender now!

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