Top 10 Gangnam Style Parodies

Korean pop single “Gangnam Style” was released last month by Korean muscian PSY.  The music video went viral and is now YouTubes most watched video.  It has spawned a frenzy of covers and parodies.  Here is a list of the top parodies.  Just in case (if you have been living under a rock) you have not seen the original “Gangnam Style” video here it is.  It has close to 300 million views.

#10 Oppa Indian Style

A parody collection would not be complete without an Indian version.  The Indians join the parody frenzy with their version called “Oppa Indian Style”.

#9 NBC Olympic Style

This is a NBC Olympic themed parody of “Gangnam Style”.  The video features English lyrics and a changed music track that were created by Israel Curtis.

#8 Annoying Orange

Even the Annoying Orange is getting in on the action!  Annoying Orange and his kitchen buddies go from their kitchen to the city and even to space in this parody called “NYA NYA Style”.

#7 Wedding Style

Stephani and Jeremy had this video put together for their Bay Area wedding.  This is a great production video as you see the bride “dress classy and dance cheesy” in her wedding dress.

#6 Gandalf Style

A long haired gray bearded Gandalf look-alike and his buxom blonde companion do their version of “Gangnam Style”.  This ‘Lord of the Rings” take on the k-pop hit seems popular with over a million views.

#5 Obama Style

Smooth-E and President Obama (Alphacat) do a music video parody “Obama Style”.  They apply PSY’s “dress classy and dance cheesy” mantra to the 2012 presidential election.

#4 Lifeguard Style

The city of El Monte pool lifeguards have caused quite a ‘splash’ for making this parody video.  14 lifeguards were fired because of the video and are now in a battle with the city to get their jobs back.  They even have a facebook page  With over 1 million views they have got their video and plight across.

#3 US Naval Academy

The Naval Academy’s 22nd Company Spirit show off their choreography around the naval barracks in this navy k-pop style parody.  With over 4 million views, these boys are popular.

#2 Ohio University Band

During half time the Ohio University marching band 110 performed their version of “Gangnam Style”.  They do a pretty awesome job with sound and choreography.

#1 The Oregon Duck Mascot

The Oregon duck mascot has some new found k-pop dance moves.  He even meets his love interest – a girl who is feeding ducks in a pond.  This video has over 4.5 million view making it the most viewed “Gangnam Style” parody.

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