Top 10 Most Useful Angry Birds Characters

Angry Birds isn’t just the most popular app series, it is one of the most popular video game series of all time.  A big reason for its popularity are the quirky and unique characters.  Some are more useful than others, so I’ve counted down the ten birds.  This list only includes unique characters that are not an add-on.


#10. Green Bird

The green bird is just plain useless.  It’s the most hated of all the Angry Birds characters.  Once you launch the “Boomerang Bird”, you have to wait until it flies over the level, and then press so that it can fly backwards and destroy the pigs.  If you can get it just right, the green bird can actually be pretty devastating.  But clicking at the right time is nearly impossible, and very frustrating.


#9. Red Bird

The first character in the game, and the one that appears on all icons, the Red Bird has no power-ups.  Obviously, it isn’t as powerful as most of the other birds, but it can still do damage if aimed correctly.  The only thing the Red Bird can do is squawk when you tap the screen.  Not very useful…


#8. Ice Bird

So far only appearing in Angry Birds Space, the Ice Bird is used mainly to make it easier for later birds.  When it hits, the area around the birds turns to ice – including all pigs and obstacles.  This allows the next bird to be launched to cause even more damage. But by itself, the Ice Bird does very little actual damage.


#7. Pink Bird

The newest bird, and the first known female bird, the Pink Bird appears in the “Back to School” level of Angry Birds Seasons.  Once the Pink Bird hits an obstacle, or a pig, bubbles will form around near objects.  Those objects will then float into the sky before crashing back down to Earth.  This can cause quite a bit of damage.


#6. Blue Bird

Blue Bird is the smallest off all the Angry Birds, but can split into three separate birds.  These birds are weak, but have strength in numbers.  The Blue Bird is useful if you want to destroy several obstacles at once, especially if it is glass.


#5. Orange Bird

Released for the Halloween level last year, the Orange Bird appears to be a small, defenseless bird.  But when it hits something, the Orange Bird swells up to more than five times its size.  This can destroy numerous obstacles, and kill any unfortunate pigs in the way.


#4. White Bird

Launch the White Bird, or “Egg Bird”, above the obstacles, and then click for the bird to lay an egg.  The egg will act as a bomb when it hits the ground, destroying anything near it.  The White Bird also goes flying once the egg is laid, so it can be used to smash obstacles.


#3. Yellow Bird

The simplest power-up, but one of the most effective.  When you click the screen, the yellow bird will speed up.  If you time it right, the bird will go flying into whatever you need destroyed.  It is much more powerful when speeding, so take advantage!  In Angry Birds Space, the Yellow Bird can change directions, depending on where you click, also a useful power-up.


#2. Big Red Bird

The Big Red Bird has no power-up, but that doesn’t mean it has no use.  The sheer size of the bird means it can destroy over half a level in one shot, if used correctly.  Red Bird’s bigger brother has the most power of any bird, and can cut through even concrete.  In Angry Birds Space, its named Terence, and is modeled off of the Hulk.


#1. Black Bird

Everyone’s favorite Angry Bird is also the most useful.  When the screen is tapped, the Black Bird will turn into a bomb, and blow up anything in the area.  You can also shoot the bird into a strategic place and wait, because it will blow up by itself if left alone.  No bird can annihilate those evil pigs like the Black Bird.


  1. If black bird is #1, orange bird should be #2, between black bird and big red. Black and orange differ only slightly in what they do.

  2. That’s that a big lie Al (green bird) is 1st because it is devistating against wood and glass! then the Bubbles (orange) because it is really devastating. Then Stella (Pink) Because she is useful for sheilds and mini stone fortresses

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