Top 10 Worst Logos


This is another case of either the designer had a great sense of humor or was clueless.  And who approved this logo?  It makes you wonder what business these people are actually in.  That obscene graphic is not a computer mouse!


Cat Wear is a clothing company that designs and cuts its clothing line in Maine.  Now I can understand that one would want to use a cat in the logo to represent Cat Wear, but to use the back end of a cat just seems in bad taste!


Bench Warmer is a company that produces trading cards featuring female models.  Its motto is “Trading cards never looked so good”.  The logo at first glance seems quite clever with the W forming into the body of a woman, but when you look below the woman, it just makes the logo seem rather disturbing.  Really, what were they thinking!

#7 LONDON 2012

The logo for the London 2012 Olympic games was revealed to a very mixed response.  Iran threatened to boycott the games as they see the word “Zion” in the logo.  Others have suggested that the design resembles Lisa Simpson doing something improper to an abstract dude.  Another opinion is that the logo resembles a swastika.


This is a perfect example of understanding the importance of kerning.  Kerning is the process of adjusting the spacing between characters in a proportional font.  This Mega Flicks log design shows where kerning can be critical.  This movie rental store didn’t stand a chance!


This business obviously thought it would be a good idea to anthropomorphize the car engine.  I think it could have worked, had they used a better designer.  Instead the logo turns out to be an obscene type image that I do not need to elaborate on.  Needless to say this business has closed!


This is an example of a bad logo used on purpose to generate attention.  A-Style is an Italian clothing manufacturer – but the logo came before the clothing.  The log was created and patented by Marco in 1991.  Using this logo they performed guerrilla  marketing placing A-Style yellow stickers on all traffic lights in Milan – the logo was spoken about and featured in many mens magazines.  The clothing company has boomed but that does not distract from the fact that this is a bad logo!


This business received notoriety on the net because of the log.  This designer either had a sense of humor or just did not see the logo design as others did.  The good news is that the business has now changed its logo!


This is an example of where there is no spacing where there certainly needs to be.  Is this a place where you can take your kids to get a sex change – kid sex change, or is it kids exchange?  Surely someone should have seen this when the sign went up and spaced the words!


This was the 1973 logo for the Catholic Churches Archdiocesan Youth Commission.  Now it doesn’t take much of an eye to see that this logo is just plain bad and it certainly does not portray the correct message for this commission nor for the Catholic Church.  No wonder they got rid of this one!